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Opportunity for Research Assistants, and a Senior Researcher, to join a collaborative team to produce case studies on healthcare, environment in Asia

The PPP Initiative Ltd. (PPP Initiative Ltd.) is now accepting applications for research assistants to join our team to produce case studies that examine how strong, dynamic partnerships among the public and private sectors can address healthcare and environmental issues relevant to Asia.

The PPP Initiative Ltd. is a growing organization that was recently spun out of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Its work is built on a solid foundation of nearly fifteen years of teaching and research in public-private partnerships (PPPs) at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and Johns Hopkins SAIS. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in bringing tangible changes that benefit vulnerable populations in a dynamic region.

As a Research Assistant for the PPP Initiative Ltd., you’ll collect and analyze field data in order to write cases on topics such as environmental health, elderly care, technology and human behavior. The cases will aim to build public sector capacity in healthcare PPPs in Asia, particularly China and Singapore. You’ll collaborate with a team of talented individuals from institutions all over the world, including Tsinghua University, National University of Singapore, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, China Ministry of Finance and the UNECE PPP Center.

When the cases are completed, they will be presented and disseminated through PPP Healthcare Forums, faculty training and policy exchanges with leading universities in Asia, country and multilateral PPP centers, and government ministries. Your work will potentially gain international exposure, and help increase awareness of how effective PPPs can be when applied with strategic teaching and training.

Amgen Inc. is a major donor to the PPP Initiative Ltd. and is funding the case studies. The case study format is a proven way to deliver evidence-based results, and has been extensively developed at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School.

The PPP Initiative Ltd. is hiring researchers for four cases located in China, Singapore and the United States. The positions require a commitment of 15-20 hours per week starting in December 2017. We are currently looking for one to two Research Assistants in China, one Research Assistant in Singapore and one Senior Researcher in the U.S. Compensation will be competitive.

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Graduate students in public policy/administration with prior research and work experience from leading universities are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV/resume in English to .

To apply for the Senior Researcher position, please send a cover letter and CV/resume to .

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