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Residents in Wenchuan, China receive healthcare services after the 2008 earthquake. A case study on the Wenchuan earthquake is part of the PPP Initiative Ltd.'s Healthcare PPP Case Study Program.

Our research addresses complex public policy challenges, primarily in developing countries. We work with many different kinds of stakeholders—governments, multinational corporations, multilaterals, non-profits, and foundations.

White Papers

Lessons Learned: Healthcare PPP Case Studies and Forums in Asia

This 2018 white paper reflects on PPPI’s Case Development Program and on our series of Healthcare PPP Forums in China and Singapore. It touches on many key issues, including the necessity of case-based curricula for teaching PPP. The paper centers on three key recommendations involving the convergence of NCDs and eldercare, a flexible PPP model, and capacity-building for PPPs.

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Mapping PPPs Across Countries (China and India)

This 2015 study was researched and published during PPP Initiative’s affiliation with Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Over the course of 18 months, a research team lead by Professor Trager and principal researcher Molly Guan identified China and India’s varying constraints and abilities to leverage PPP, using a data-driven approach. The study found that the two countries faced many similar challenges and three key hurdles: execution, financing and innovation.

The Eli Lilly Foundation provided funding for the research and preparation of the Mapping Study.

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Healthcare PPP Case Study Program

Amgen, Inc. supported an independent research project by PPP Initiative Ltd. to create a set of healthcare PPP case studies that would have specific relevance to Asia. The case studies aim to be the definitive model for building PPP capacity in China and beyond. The Case Study Program included five forums: two in Beijing; two in Singapore and one in Washington D.C.

Public-Private Partnerships: Conditions and Applications in the United States

by Alan M. Trager and Lubna Anantakrishnan

Pilot Project for Beijing’s Elderly: A Public-Private Partnership

by Kristen Lundberg for Alan M. Trager

Do the Elderly Have to be Ailing? Singapore’s Health Promotion Board

by Kristen Lundberg and Alan M. Trager

The National Kidney Foundation (NKFS): Charity juggernaut or semi-public agency?

by Alan M. Trager, Christine Kng, and Melania Lotti

Additional Case Studies

Partnership for Life: Wenchuan Rebirth

A case study about China’s recovery from a catastrophic earthquake in 2008 (58,000 people were injured or dead in two minutes).

Hongqiao International Medical Center

A case study about a city medical park formed as a PPP in Shanghai.

Steward Health Care System: Betting on Low-Cost, High-Quality Healthcare

A case study about the transformation of the Boston Archdiocese Hospital System as a result of a $900 million private equity transaction and the recruitment of a Harvard Medical School cardiovascular surgeon as CEO.