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A PPP Negotiation Workshop participant.

Executive Education

In order to apply PPP models in a sustainable manner, it is necessary to train leaders who are capable of analyzing complex public policy issues. Based on 12 years of teaching experience, Professor Trager offers graduate-level courses as well as executive education in collaboration with other institutions or directly with governments.

Our approach to executive education is designed to promote capacity building in PPPs at the country level by expanding the number and quality of trained public and private sector professionals skilled in planning and managing complex PPPs. Our teaching programs focus on the four critical PPP skills that help partners effectively align resources and interests: negotiation, innovation, financial structuring, and political management. The result is a high value proposition: compressing graduate-level training into a short, intense training program with significant opportunities to confirm and reconfirm the learning experience.

Leadership Academy of Development

Alan M. Trager teaches executive education courses at the Leadership Academy of Development (LAD) in Tblisi, Georgia, Nairobi, Kenya and Cape Town, South Africa. The LAD trains government officials and business leaders in developing countries to motivate the private sector so that it is a constructive force for economic growth and development. It teaches carefully selected participants how to be effective leaders, promoting sound public policies in complex and contentious settings. A driving principle of the LAD curriculum is that policy reform is not like engineering or other technical fields that have discrete skills and clear, optimal solutions. Instead, successful reformers must be nimble and weigh a broad range of factors that influence policy outcomes. They must have a solid grasp of country-specific economic, financial, political and cultural realities. Most importantly, they must have a sense of how to set priorities, sequence actions and build coalitions. LAD provides participants with an analytical framework to build these abilities and operate effectively under adverse conditions.

Workshop participants receive sophisticated training that they will be able to apply to PPP negotiations in Lesotho.

Government of Lesotho (GOL)

PPP Initiative Ltd. recently concluded a series of groundbreaking PPP Negotiation Workshops designed specifically for the Government of Lesotho Ministry of Development Planning (MDP) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). The unique training gave GOL executives opportunities to work together in a structured learning environment that emphasized the use of critical thinking and sophisticated skills. It was the first training to address the challenges of developing and managing a large integrated healthcare PPP with the use of advanced negotiation training. The two-part program took place in Lesotho.

At the end of the training, participants were better equipped to create and execute negotiation strategies in dealing with private sector partners, and they were better prepared to develop long-term strategic visions and to effectively communicate views and positions to internal and external stakeholders.

The PPP Negotiation Workshops were funded by a Technical Assistance grant from the World Bank to the GOL Ministry of Health, to help them build capacity in PPP negotiations. We’ve received positive feedback from the World Bank and the participants who expressed a desire to apply their new thinking and skills in future projects.

Negotiation is a critical skill in implementing healthcare PPPs, and the high value of this type of negotiation workshop is demonstrated by how the participants were able to apply negotiation skills in their own interactions with government and private sector partners. We look forward to conducting similar workshops on negotiations and healthcare in more countries, both emerging and developing.

Tsinghua University Center for PPP Research (TUPPP)

Professor Trager is Chief Specialist of the TUPPP for comparative international research. Professor Trager teaches executive programs organized by the TUPPP.